• Konteynır Yetersizliği…2022?

    Son zamanlarda nakliye konteynırları ve hammaddelerin giderek azalmasıyla birlikte küresel ekonomi ilginç bir ikilemle karşı karşıya.Batı ekonomileri de yavaş yavaş kapandı ve iş gücü olmadan, gitmeleri gereken yere götürmek için konteynerleri limanlarda beklemeye bıraktı. Daha sonra, batıdaki ekonomiler yerine doğu ekonomileri yeniden açıldığında, üretim yeniden başladı, ancak birçok nakliye konteyneri batıda kaldı.

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  • Container Shortage… till 2022…

    The global economy has been facing an interesting dilemma lately as shipping containers and raw materials become ever scarcer. In early 2020, supply from eastern production factories halted as economies closed to keep citizens safe.Gradually, western economies also shut down, leaving containers waiting at ports without the labor force to get them where they needed to go.

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  • Amazon Walmart+ a karşı !

    Amerika Birleşik Devletleri’nde Coronavirüs pandemisinin başlangıcından bu yana ekonomik eğilimler beklenmedik bir hal aldı. Çoğunlukla, salgın, insanların evde kalmasını sağlayarak alım satımın geleceğine doğru çok daha hızlı bir ilerlemeyi katalize etmiş gibi görünüyor.

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  • Boom! Turkish Contracting in the International Market

    Those of you who regularly read my posts will know that there is a (relatively) new Turkish Trade Center in New York. It opened in 2018 spring in Manhattan and is host to a variety of Turkish textile, apparel, rug, and business contracting firms.

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  • Terrific Turkish Home Textiles

    Turkish textiles are exploding. The home textiles industry in my home country has never been stronger. Thanks to a variety of reasons and strategic decisions, an incredible amount of high-quality textiles are coming to Europe and the United States.

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  • Winter in Germany

    Yes, that’s correct. It might not be the best time of the year to enjoy Frankfurt and Hannover, but there were two fairs that I really wanted to attend and I simply had to go. I was glad that I did!

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  • Première Vision New York ve Texworld NYC 2018 Summer

    İlk kez 2000 yılında lanse edilen Première Vision, moda profesyonellerine en yeni kültür ve yenilikleri hızlı bir şekilde taşımak için çalışmaya devam ediyor. Yaratıcı tekstiller ve yüzey tasarımları açısından en iyi uluslararası etkinliklerden biri.

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  • Première Vision New York and Texworld NYC from Manhattan…

    Launched in 2000, Première Vision continues to work to bring fashion professionals up to speed on the latest in culture and innovation. It is one of the top international shows for creative textiles and surface designs. There are seminars and speakers (Smart Talks) and the whole event has an attractive educational vibe that I just love.

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  • The Fabulous Summer Fancy Food Show

    As many of you know, I am lucky enough to be able to attend a fair amount of incredible industry events every year, but I always seem to have my eye on one in particular: The Summer Fancy Food Show that hits New York every summer.

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  • A Personal Retail Experience in the Digital Era

    I was recently in Denmark and carved out some time to visit a new concept store of JYSK Denmark. JYSK has been a global retail leader since their founding in 1979 and was one of the first to grasp the idea of creating an experience for the customer within the retail environment.

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In 2015, one of Walmart's suppliers ($300M in annual revenue) turned to us to diversify their product categories and provide funding. After 8 months of in-depth review, three categories with a strategic plan were identified. In 2020, the seller made sales of 45 million dollars for only one product category through Turkey with Walmart.
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