AFK Services

AFK Services

     In the context of globalization and international competition, many companies source labor-intensive goods or services from developing and newly industrialized countries. However, working conditions in these countries often do not comply with basic labor standards, such as those established by the International Labor Organization (ILO). To address this issue, many companies and associations have created individual codes of conduct and monitoring systems.

​     We work hard to make a difference by complying with – and even exceeding – each industry standard,  and our own sustainability goals. Our team complies with local, state, national and international environmental legislation, and adopts responsible environmental practices with our partners and among our employees.

We believe being “responsible” means doing what is right. It means incorporating social and environmental priorities and practices into our activities, services and our relationships with partners, consumers and employees.

This is AFK’s “standard of excellence”.

What We Offer

Business Development (Market Entry and Access)

  • Exploring opportunities with local commercial and non-commercial institutions in the US on behalf of organizations, offering information and support to capitalize on these opportunities. Similarly, opportunities for American businesses overseas are explored, with the same level of information and support provided to help leverage these international opportunities.
  • Facilitating cooperation between organizations and relevant entities both domestically and internationally.
State and Local Level Representation
  • Participating as a representative or speaker on behalf of commercial or non-commercial organizations in delegation events, meetings, and sectoral gatherings in the US and abroad, simultaneously promoting export missions.
  • Hosting visiting delegations on behalf of organizations as required.
  • Ensuring cooperation between organizations, institutions, and companies in their activities within the United States.
  • Investigating opportunities with local commercial and non-commercial institutions across the USA on behalf of organizations, delivering strategic guidance and support.

Public Relations

  • Monitoring media, developing media opportunities, and creating promotional materials.
  • Reporting on activities and submitting monthly reports.
  • Managing comprehensive public relations, publicity, and event campaigns, including event planning and logistics such as catering and venue arrangements.

Legislation and Others

  • Providing updates on commercial laws, regulations, and legislative changes between the US and other countries as needed.
  •  Conducting personnel research in the United States for organizations, institutions, or companies when required.

Working to plan product offerings and adjust your firm to challenging market conditions.​

Helping to identify a matrix for product, market and customer base that fits strategic plans.

Building strong relationships with buyers, associations and local authorities to create long term win-win partnerships. 

Executing whole US or other countries operations when needed. ​

Bi-weekly video meetings with management for follow up when needed. ​

Travelling to customers / buyers or any related locations when needed.​

How can we help you?

The services encompass three key areas: business development, supply chain management and brand development. Contact AFK Strategies Inc. to learn more.

Book explores the opportunities and challenges of the Turkish e-commerce apparel retail industry in terms of private label products strategy. In the data collection phase of the research, interviews with seven different online companies in Turkey and many public reports were used.

In 2015 one of Walmart's vendor (has $ 300 Million yearly revenue) approached us to diversify their product categories and sourcing resources. After 8 months of in-depth review, three categories with strategic plan identified. In 2020, vendor closed $ 45 Million sales with Walmart thru Turkey only for one product category.
Save Money
Live Better
In 2017 , Turkish Exporters Association opened Turkish Trade Center in New York for different product categories to promote Turkish products in the USA. After our initial consulting meeting, AFK started to help their showroom owners to promote their product range thru B2B meetings and market / product trainings with each company.
Turkish Trade Center