Boom! Turkish Contracting in the International Market

Those of you who regularly read my posts will know that there is a (relatively) new Turkish Trade Center in New York. It opened in 2018 spring in Manhattan and is host to a variety of Turkish textile, apparel, rug, and business contracting firms. My company is a business development agent for BTSO (Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry) and spend most of the days in the showrooms in the building, and I’m excited that we have Contract Business floor has been in to the Center.

It is called the Contract Business floor and it is a wonderful – and welcome – addition to our Trade Center. The enhanced presence of a variety of contractor and contracting opportunities will assist us as we continue to introduce and present Turkey’s immense potential to a greater audience around the world.Type your paragraph here.

As you might have gathered from the headline, Turkish contracting is exploding. According to the Engineering News Record, Turkey represented the second highest country of origin for contractors in the 2018, “World’s Greatest 250 International Contractor, “ with 46 companies, second only to China. Not only has it seen significant growth, but that growth has come with an understanding within the international community that Turkish exports are traditionally of a high quality.Type your paragraph here.

The Turkish Trade Center is an introduction center of sorts of Turkish exporters and our products. Now that we have an entire floor set up to promote contract businesses, it is much easier for our clients in the U.S. to understand the options and opportunities available when it comes to Turkish imports.

We are eager to continue to establish long-term relationships with large and intricate facilities such as hospital systems, school systems, luxury hotels, restaurants, cruise ships, commercial air carriers, and more. We’ve been successful primarily due to the high standards and value that our contract businesses provide. That is why Turkey is at the forefront of markets across the globe when contract business is mentioned. We can handle the whole process: from conception to production to promotion to sales.

 The Turkish contracting sector has really taken off in recent years and the improvements have been staggering. Our quality and quantity have improved and our contractors are now capable of carrying out projects of massive size. Even with all of the recent political and economic ups and downs across world markets in 2017, Turkish contracting companies undertook $19.4 billion worth of projects overseas. This year alone, Turkish contracting firms have already signed agreements valued at over $371 billion with a total of approximately 9400 projects across 121 countries.

 And I’m sure you have an idea of one of Turkey’s strongest contracting sectors. That’s right: Textiles! Our sector is booming. Not only is Turkey is Europe’s largest textile manufacturer, but there is an understanding within the industry that textile manufacturing can be a big polluter, and the Turkish textile industry is working to make all steps of the manufacturing process more eco-friendly. Our manufacturers understand the need to grow in a sustainable fashion in order to maintain their ability to produce textiles effectively.

 As you can see, we are poised to increase our import rates thanks to the ability to showcase everything that Turkey has to offer from a contracting standpoint in our expanding Turkish Trade Center.

Are you ready to access the best in home textiles and contract business manufacturers that Turkey has to offer?

Build business opportunities within the Turkish market by contacting us at AFK Strategies Inc. for support and solutions.

We now offer the public the opportunity to meet me by appointment at the Turkish Trade Center in New York (10 E. 34th Street) to review our product range and discuss Turkish Contract business in greater detail.

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