Première Vision New York and Texworld NYC from Manhattan…

This past July my customers and I attended two of my favorite summer shows in Manhattan like every summer.

Launched in 2000, Première Vision continues to work to bring fashion professionals up to speed on the latest in culture and innovation. It is one of the top international shows for creative textiles and surface designs. There are seminars and speakers (Smart Talks) and the whole event has an attractive educational vibe that I just love.

International representatives from the five industry sectors of Leather, Accessories, Designs, Fabrics, and Manufacturing/Yarns/Knitwear descend on Pier 94 to link with the best and brightest North American fashion professionals. There are top international tanners, furriers, and manufacturers. The leading mills in the world send their people. Carefully selected and vetted studios from around the globe arrive to show off their latest collections of textile patterns and designs. Order writers and manufacturers can meet face-to-face. The opportunities are endless.

Summer 201\8 Première Vision presented a number of trending styles. Here are several that were prominent throughout the event:

 ·       Metallic shine 

·        Strong personalization, sometimes toxic and troubling

·        Industrial poetic

·        Serious and passionate

·        Sophisticated and eclectic

The show pushed the boundaries of personal expressiveness to the point of the whimsical and fantastic – and what better way to achieve a degree of extreme customization?

Eco-friendly and sustainable materials and production also continued to have a strong presence at Première Vision. The ability to work with mills and manufacturers that match the values of many companies represented remains a key attraction and prominent lure of the event.

Especially exciting for me this year was the beautiful trend area and Turkish snack bar arranged by the Turkish Fabric Suppliers under the leadership of Uludag Exporters Association. It turned out to be one of the most popular places for attendees to gather. I was so pleased to see my friends have the opportunity to share aspects of Turkey’s artistic and cultural heritage through the display and presentation of Turkish fabrics, textiles, and cuisine.

It was obvious at this year’s shows that state-sponsored companies are really upping their game. Governmental agencies are backing their companies and industries in a way that I have not seen in quite some time. Japan and China, in particular, are benefitting from this type of support. At Texworld, there were around 840 exhibitors from 19 different countries talking fabrics, finished apparel, and home textiles. Half of those were from Asia, and more than 350 were from China. The Chinese city of Shenzhen’s Underwear Association was in New York for the event and hosted a catwalk to show off their line of intimate apparel. And, for the first time ever, Uzbekistan participated by sending a delegation of textile producers.

Texworld is a great place to network. Suppliers come from countries around the world to meet with customers and potential customers alike. I look forward to Première Vision and Texworld every year because they complement each other so well. Between the two, I can get inspired; find out what’s new, what’s trending, and what the current challenges are in the world of fashion.

A new addition at Texworld this year was something called the Local Loft. According to the people who run the event, many attendees arrive looking for domestic and locally sourced production facilities that provide low minimums. As such, the Local Loft was created to highlight local apparel factories, contractors, and services.

The Loft was a large and inviting open space with a stage and filled with local representatives. There were buyers and contractors, along with reps from factories, and garment production services. In total, over 7,000 apparel fabric buyers, fashion firms, R&D specialists, and designers were available in some capacity to the event attendees.

Other Texworld highlights included:

·        Resource Row – an area of the event that provided complimentary industry resources such as business development tools, recycling solutions, trend forecasters, and textile education materials for all attendees

·        Focus on findings, trims, and accessories

·        Closer look at the idea of deconsumption

·        Microplastics

Première Vision New York and Texworld NYC always hold a special place on my calendar. This year the two shows were particularly strong. I can’t wait for 2019!

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